Hunger in South Sudan has reached unprecedented levels. In 2017 famine was declared in parts of the country, the first time famine was declared anywhere in the world in over 5 years. No hunger has reached extreme levels. The United Nations estimates that 5.4 million people will be food insecure by July 2018. 100,000 people are at immediate risk of starvation.


Nearly four decades of civil war has displaced millions of people and stopped farming in its tracks. Ongoing conflict continues to make the situation much worse.

The fertile banks of the Nile River and the sunny climate make for ideal farming conditions. More than 90% of the land is suitable for farming. 

Yet there is immense potential for agriculture.

Our Model:

Farm aid, not food aid.

We do not provide direct food aid. But by providing the tools so that families can grow their own food, the people in South Sudan can escape the cycle of starvation. With the appropriate seeds, equipment and training, a resurgence in agriculture is possible!  As long as Old Fangak remains stable, we will continue to help locals and refugees develop farms. 

How it works

step 1:


A locally-led ASMP Farmer Council recruits new farmers to the program.  They provide them with guidance, and offer continued support from planting to harvest.

Sponsor a family


to start a farm.

You can help end famine in the region by helping families start farms. Most farmers still lack access to basic pumps, tools, seeds and training needed to adequately grow crops.

  $50 --- seeds

$100 --- basic tools

$250 --- water pump

$500 --- fencing

$950 --- sponsor a farm