Clean Water. The Foundation of Good Health

Now more than ever the people living in and near Old Fangak are in need of sources of clean drinking water. We regularly receive requests from villages which tell us "people are suffering from drinking unclean water." In many cases they are dying. This is the unfortunate truth in remote villages in South Sudan.  But, we are taking steps every day to bring clean water to villages most in need.  Your donation will help us move even closer to making this a reality.  Please consider a donation today for this worthy cause.

We are happy to report that our most challenging project in recent years has been successfully completed. The construction of a clinic for treatment of tuberculosis and infectious diseases.  Thanks to all who helped us with this much needed and important clinic. You can take a look at the photos by clicking the button. 



Ensure our work is sustainable.

Your donation will help us drill another well.

When you join our giving community you are saving lives. For 12 years volunteers and our Southern Sudanese "Alaska Team" have worked to bring safe drinking water, agricultural development, improved sanitation and the only medical clinic in the region. Saving lives thanks to your help. 

Life saving medical care delivered at the clinic built by the Alaska Sudan Medical Project

This clinic is now serves the entire region. It is the only place where people can get treatment for serious medical conditions.  Some patients walk for days, in all seasons, to come to Old Fangak and be treated.  In many cases it's the only hope they have.  That is why we built it.  Hope and health for life.  In Old Fangak, South Sudan it is because people like you cared enough to give.

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The Alaska Sudan Medical Project is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.