Alaska Health Project South Sudan

Alaska Health Project South Sudan.  In 2021 we began a new chapter in our work, changing our name to reflect where we work—South Sudan. It also focuses on the goal of our work—improved health for the people we serve.  We continue our focus on clean water. We will continue working on improving food insecurity by assisting with agriculture development and small family farms.  We carry forward the Alaska "can do" spirit and the giving heart of our Alaska Team.  This new chapter also comes with new goals which we will outline in the weeks ahead.  It is an exciting time and we are so grateful that you are with us.  Thanks for what we accomplished as the Alaska Sudan Medical Project.  The best is yet to come!   

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Ensure our work is sustainable.

Your donation will help us drill many wells in 2022.

When you join our giving community you are saving lives. Since 2008 volunteers and our Southern Sudanese "Alaska Team" have worked to bring safe drinking water, agricultural development, improved sanitation and the construction of two medical clinics.  We are expanding our reach throughout the region. Bringing hope and health for life in South Sudan.

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Two Life saving medical clinics built by the Alaska Health Project South Sudan

These clinics serves the entire region. One for emergency medical care and the second to treat turerculosis. Old Fangak is the only place in the region where people can get treatment for serious medical conditions.  Some patients walk for days, in all seasons, to come to Old Fangak and be treated.  In many cases it's the only hope they have.  That is why we built these clinics. Hope and health for life.  This is only possible because people like you cared enough to give.  What else can we do?  With your generosity we will continue to save lives and change lives.  Please consider a gift today to help the people of South Sudan.

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